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Environment commissioner advocates rooftop gardens

CyprusMail 13 Apr 2024
Green roofs shape microclimates within cities by creating ‘pockets’ of cool air, which regulate temperature and improve air quality resulting in a healthier and more sustainable urban environment,” she added.

The Future of Comfort: Creating a Cool and Productive Environment with Commercial Window Tinting

GetNews 13 Apr 2024
This film is designed to reduce the amount of heat and light that enters the building, creating a more comfortable indoor environment." ... This can result in lower energy bills and a more comfortable indoor environment for employees and customers.

Top environmental groups say some of Labor’s new laws could take conservation backwards

AOL 13 Apr 2024
The Albanese government is backing away from a promise to substantially transform how nature is protected in Australia and is planning some changes that would make things worse, according to eight of the country’s top environment groups.

Bitcoin Maxi Slams Ethereum ETF: Calls It A ‘Proof-of-Stake Scam’ Unfit For SEC Approval

Bitcoinist 13 Apr 2024
Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the US SEC’s stance on Ethereum ETFs, reports suggest a contrasting regulatory environment in Hong Kong. According to Bloomberg, Hong Kong regulators may soon ...

South Korea Ramps Up Scrutiny of Crypto Listings

The Arabian Post 12 Apr 2024
The ultimate success of this strategy will hinge on the FSC’s ability to implement the regulations effectively while fostering a business-friendly environment for legitimate cryptocurrency projects.

U.S. & World Briefs

The Ponca City News 12 Apr 2024
... health and the environment. New regulations to be announced Wednesday will….

China Lays Out Plan to Ensure Green Transition Gets the Financing It Needs

Caixin Online 12 Apr 2024
The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and six other ministries and regulators involved in the finance and environment sectors on ...

Restaurant inspections: See how safe your favorite place to eat is

Lohud 12 Apr 2024
Consumers can feel safe because of a team of inspectors from the health department visit each establishment to ensure that food is being prepared in a clean environment and that health and safety regulations are being followed ...

French energy agency introduces anti-greenwashing guide

PV Magazine 12 Apr 2024
The legal arsenal in the fight against greenwashing is available in the consumer code, the environmental code, certain texts specific to the environment, decrees and European regulations.

Senate OKs resolutions focused on regulation of crypto mining

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 12 Apr 2024
The state Senate approved a slate of resolutions Thursday aimed at regulating crypto mining, the first step needed before legislators can consider voting for the legislation ... regulating crypto mines.

HashKey finalizes testing phase for upcoming Bitcoin ETFs

Cryptopolitan 12 Apr 2024
This is as Hong Kong regulators are expected to give the first lot of these financial products their stamp of approval as soon as next week ... from, Hong Kong’s progressive regulatory environment.

‘It’s environmental racism’: Ag officials sued over farm chemicals near Latino schools

The Los Angeles Times 12 Apr 2024
Protecting agricultural workers, our neighborhoods, and the environment isn't just a job for us — it's our duty.' The state Department of Pesticide Regulation said in a statement that it continuously ...

Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs could launch in Hong Kong before halving – reports

Cryptoslate 12 Apr 2024
The move is expected to foster a more regulated and stable environment for investors, aligning with global trends and potentially setting a new standard for the financial sector’s approach to digital assets.

Binance CEO Seeks South Korean Market Access

The Arabian Post 12 Apr 2024
Teng’s visit is indicative of Binance’s willingness to engage with regulators and navigate complex legal environments.

3 local primaries for General Assembly seats. Some candidates share their views on issues

South Bend Tribune 12 Apr 2024
By imposing stricter regulations and oversight on these dealers, we can stem the flow of illegal guns and enhance public safety ... Does Indiana adequately protect our natural environment?.